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Ever since I can remember, my favorite game is the Unreal Tournament I like especially to play in the local area network when a too knowable and tireless robots (the "players" controled by the computer) besites incalculable attitude and mood sentiment players my adversaries or instead my team players.

It's different from the very old Doom game to this already a totally module game unlimited upgradable and it's absolutely getting even with the hardware of the computer.

At the beginning of the year 2002, I tried apply Unreal Editor 2.0 program after that I read just 4 pages description. The result was It's more joy the making of maps than playing the game. I don't need team partners for this.

So I made and publish my finished jobs on this site. Every map includes screenshot and zone information in Hungarian language.

Just select one of the four modes to access the description of the maps, which you need to download immediately free of charge.

Use everybody with such joy as I made it!

Caution! Most maps run only with program version v436, so must first do update last version! Unfortunately, the utpatch436.exe file size is 7 MB but this includes the Unreal editor 2.0 map edit program in order to run. I also made my maps with this program.

All my maps run on every computer, because you don't need any extra texture or sound or a music file. Several individual textures always includes my map files. You can download tranquilly any maps I wish lot of hits to downloads and have fun to play!

Last update: February 12. 2016

To download please select game mode:
Death match, Domination, Capture the flag, Assault

Unreal Tournament

The four sites include yet altogether 35 piece totally ready free downloadable maps!

I'm sorry, if my text have errors but I know in English language not very well. :-) I waiting your remarks about my maps in Hungarian or English language!

Ma az év száznegyvenedik napja, 2024. május 19. vasárnap, Ivó és Milán napja van. Tegnap Erik és Alexandra napja volt, holnap Bernát és Felícia napja lesz, holnapután pedig Konstantin napja. Idén szökőév van, jelenleg a nyári időszámítás érvényes, május harmincegy napból áll.

Unreal Tournament

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